Associated TP21: Impact of differentially glycosylated IgA antibodies in autoimmunity

Activating as well as inhibitory effector functions of IgG molecules have been associated with different glycosylation patterns of the Fc N-glycan. Namely, increased galactosylation and sialylation of IgG molecules are related to healthy/tolerogenic conditions, whereas agalactosylated (non-galactosylated) IgG molecules can be linked to pro-inflammatory conditions.  

Based on these findings we here will investigate the glycosylation pattern of IgA autoantibodies in different autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, the effector function of differentially glycosylated IgA antibodies shall be analyzed. We will employ Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita with autoantibodies against collagen-VII and bullous pemphigoid with autoantibodies against collagen-XVII, as well as rheumatoid arthritis with autoantibodies against citrullinated α-enolase peptide1.