Ways to graduate within the GRK

The GRK educates:

  1. Masters (or Diploma) in biological sciences; graduation as Dr. rer. nat. (PhD equivalent)
  2. MD; graduation as Dr. rer. nat.
  3. Medical students; graduation as Dr. med.

The main track is the first, followed by medical students. Few openings are for MDs who want to obtain a Dr. rer. nat. 

Information on ongoing qualification program

Teaching modules

First year modules

Good scientific practice
Time management
Scientific misconduct
Ethics in biomedical research
Presentation skills, poster
Presentation skills, oral

Second year modules

Manuscript writing
Clinical studies
Problem solving strategies
Application strategies

Third year modules

Obtaining third party founding
Career planing
Patenting your results
Interdisciplinary communication
Foundation of a company

Practical skill modules

Animal experimentation
  a) Classes in Lübeck (5 days), please inquire
  b) Classes in Kiel (2 days), register
An introduction into R
Statistical analysis
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator