associated TP36: Effects of different vaccination strategies on the development of different glycosylated IgG antibodies

The affinity of IgG antibodies to inhibitory or activating Fcγ-receptors depends on their subclass and on their Fc N-glycosylation pattern. Under inflammatory condition more non-galactosylated antibodies could be found, whereas under anti-inflammatory conditions there were more galactosylated and sialylated antibodies (Bartsch et al. 2018; Hess et al. 2013; Oefner et al. 2012). Therefore our group investigates the development of these glycosylated antibodies and the underlying B- and T-cell responses.
In this project, we will investigate if different immunization strategies by using different adjuvants lead to differently glycosylated IgG antibodies. In this context, also differences in the B- and T-cell responses should be identified.