Welcome to GRK "Modulation of Autoimmunity"

Incidence and prevalence of autoimmune diseases are increasing. Despite novel insights into the pathogenesis the mainstay of treatment is still unspecific systemic immunosuppression. However, this treatment may be associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The successful transition of therapeutic strategies, developed by basic research efforts, is still a crucial, yet unmet challenge of clinically relevant research in autoimmunity. The DFG funded Reseach Training Group (RTG) "Modulation of Autoimmunity" (GRK1727) implements this transitional strategy. Research projects of this GRK developed from a focus program Autoimmunity that has been funded by the Medical Faculty of the University of Lübeck since 2006. There are two sections the projects of the GRK belong to: (A) Development of innovative strategies to treat established autoimmune disease and (B) Identification of novel therapeutic targets in autoimmunity.

The broad methodological spectrum of the individual projects will facilitate an in depth training of the students, which is complemented by a qualification and mentoring program. The qualification concept includes a GRK-specific scientific seminar and defined training elements. It interacts with already available training elements of the Graduate School GSC 235/1 Computing in Medicine and Life Science, the Borstel Biomedical Research School, the Excellence Cluster 306/1 Inflammation at Interfaces, the Focus Program Autoimmunity, Section C (Immunology) of SFB 654 Plasticity and Sleep, the SFB/TR22 Allergic immune response of the lung, and the Clinical Research Group 170 Wegener’s granulomatosis. The major aim of the GRK is to link basic research in autoimmunity to defined clinical applications and thus stimulate translational thinking in a new generation of scientists.

Interesting links

Graduate School Lübeck (GSL):
The GSL is the first address for students with interest in graduating at the University of Lübeck. All structured graduating programs are connected here. It represents a variety of scientific disciplines, reaching from information technology and medicine to cultural sciences.

Research Training Group RTG1743: Genes, environment, inflammation
Within this Research Training Group we will study the environmental influences responsible for the development of complex, chronic diseases. Moreover, we will systematically examine the previously understudied interplay between the (micro)-environment and predisposing genetic factors. 

International Research Training Group IRTG1911: Immunoregulation of of Inflammation in Allergy and Infection
The major goal is to provide an international network of training and research centered around projects that aim at identifying novel pathways that initiate, maintain and resolve chronic infectious and allergic diseases.

Center for Research on Inflamed Skin
CRIS is a multidisciplinary research center, in which clinical and basic scientists collaborate to study defined disease pathways, identify therapeutic targets, and translate these findings into clinical applications.

RTG1957 - Adipocyte Brain Crosstalk
The Graduiertenkolleg 1957 offers focused research projects and a structured training programs. In an interdisciplinary research approach they address the effects of hormones derived from adipose tissue (adipokines) on CNS function and, in turn, the control of adipose tissue and body weight by the brain.